Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This past weekend I had the chance to go down to Oregon to join Carla and her in-laws. That meant free room. All I had to pay for was the tickets down there and anything else I wanted to buy.

I spent all of Thursday in the Seattle airport. I had some great conversations with everyone from a little old lady bowling team to a handsome guy to a special ed teacher in New York. About 10 o'clock I finally boarded a plan to go to Eugene which was not my original destination but it work out just as well.

Carla drove me from Eugene to Bend and I got to see lots of Oregon. It is a beautiful state that I am basically allergic to.

I loved seeing a classic car show! It reminded me of being back home.

I loved all the trees. I could have taken 100s of pictures. Although I think it was all those trees that I was deathly allergic to.

Some kind of grove. Does anyone know what these trees are? I love this photo so much. It is currently the background of my computer.

Ha! I love this photo because I took it while we were driving past it. I take a bow.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


On Saturday the 25th I did so much but it was all worth it.

It started off with me picking up Meadow for a day out. Logan was going to come with us but he was sick. So it wound up a girls day out.

So it started off with eating lunch at McDonalds It was probably the most crowded I have ever seen McDonalds... Yet girls just paid attention to one another and giggled a whole lot.

We got there early and were told to just walk around. I misheard and thought that we were meeting some where in the circle. So I made the girls walk around the circle a couple of times looking for where we were meeting. However, when we had some free time we took some picture. Madisyn proves here that she can fit her tiny self in these poles.

These two photos are just some that I took. My camera died and then I used Mandy's. It was a fun time with the girls. They had a ball with one another. They kept making the sounds of all the hummingbirds. It was a pretty fun day.

Right from there I went to the auction. I had lots of fun. I did a lot of socializing. Which we all know I love a lot!

More has happened but I am not really thinking I make sense.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I just came from a wonderful prayer time with the high schoolers. Two of them were recently baptized and you can see it in their lives. It has amazed me to hear the youth group talking about Revival and noticing that God is moving. This is a wonderful time to be in fellowship and I felt how strong that was tonight. We prayed at Refiner's Roast like we normally do on Tuesday. Annette actually opened us with what God has been teaching her lately and sharing verses that she has been thinking about. It lead to a great discussion about having complete faith in The Lord. After praying the things that God put on our hearts we felt that the Spirit was leading us to go pray on the docks. So six of us went down to the docks to declare that ground for God. Amazing things are going to happen on those docks and I am so thankful that I will be around to see that work.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break!

Or should I be calling this snow break. We have gotten tons and it makes me a little nervous to drive in. However, being a big girl I have braved it once or twice.

This spring break I have gotten my taxes in, mailed out paperwork for perm fund, got to visit some of my favorite people, and worked in day care. I have also been reading tons. Although I had a plan to read all kids books and write tests on them for next year, I have been distracted by my own reading. I am slowly but surely finishing The Shack.

My family has just discovered that I will be here at least another year. They won't listen to me when I say probably longer. So I figured, although I don't think they read this, I am going to post one of my favorite pictures from the last time I was home.

That is my beautiful sister with my beautiful niece, Autumn Rose.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


A lot has been happening. For a while I totally forgot I had this thing. So I will do my best to catch up my thoughts.

School wise everything is going great. I was able to get grades finished... and only a day later than they were suppose to be. I am super proud of my students. The older grades 2-4 are making their own Ketchikan Monopoly game. It is looking pretty sweet so far. We made dock pieces instead of houses and they named all the locations places around town. We are also reading a very addictive book series called The Sister Grimm. It is fairytale detective stories. I have read 5 out of 8 books. We as a class are on book 2 and they get upset every time I close the book.

I have made a trip to the ER and had to have a follow up doctors visit. This month and last month have been really bad throwing up months. So I finally went and got it checked out. However, it means doctor's bills now. ICKY!

I have had the joy to have a lot of good teachings this month. We have had a potential pastor up here and he has spoken a lot of words of wisdom, a lot about gaining ground for the Kingdom. On top of that God has just been speaking and I am so thankful for that. My roommate just got engaged, (this means she is the 6th roommate I have had that has gotten engaged while I have lived with them) and this has been a struggling point for me. There are a lot of things I have had to hand over to God and say "You deal with this" and a lot of the time I have heard back "Thanks I have been wanting this for a while." I know that God has His hand on the whole situation. I also have to remember that God gave me some promises and He does not go back on them. I may not know specifics about time and place but God does.

So with all the snow I am going to post a summer picture to remind myself how beautiful Ketchikan looks.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sewing Machine!

I just came from watching the Wearable Art Show. It was AMAZING! I am thinking it would be a lot of fun to create a piece for that. I have an idea of something that would be fun to make... but I won't post it in case someone steals the idea.

However, that means I have to determine how to use my sewing machine. I would really like to make apron's for summer. I think that if I do anything that involves being with kids most of summer it would rock to wear aprons and have the pockets filled of course.

I will figure it out and I will rock... In my own little Krista fashion.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


A couple weeks ago I started to make some cookies to go to worship practice with.

So I put my sugar in a bowl looked in the fridge and grabbed the only amount of butter we had left. It was scrimping I will tell you that much.

I mixed the sugar and the butter together and moved on to the next step in cookie making, the eggs. I open the fridge and find out there are no eggs. I am not one of those people that will run out to go buy eggs... nor am I one of those people who will go ask my neighbor. I am the type of person who looks on the internet for alternatives.

Guess what I discovered!

That applesauce can be used instead of eggs. I measured out my little-more-than-a-teaspoon-for-every-egg of applesauce and put in into my mixture. Continued to bake the cookies and bring them to worship practice; where I let Tiffany have first taste... I don't know why but I figured she could handle it better than I could.

Surprisingly they turned out rather yummy.

I bring all this up because I am baking cookies again (using the applesauce even though we have eggs). However, this time I am thinking I might have put too much toffee in them. I guess I will find out later... when I once again feed them to Tiff.